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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Police Accreditation Coalition (PPAC) website. We are currently redesigning and updating our website to better suit our users. Please check back regularly for site updates and new information. We thank you once again for your interest in PPAC.


PPAC recognizes and supports the concept and practice of law enforcement accreditation as a means to enhance the quality of law enforcement services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PPAC shall serve as a network for member agencies to encourage communication and cooperation, provide mutual support, share member agency directives/regulations, resources and information, and foster the growth of accreditation in the Commonwealth through marketing and training activities, and the organizing, staffing and leading of "initial" on-site assessments.


PPAC recognizes and supports the concept of Law Enforcement Accreditation as a means to enhance the quality of law enforcement services within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To this end, PPAC will provide a network that will encourage communication, cooperation, and sharing of resources by member agencies.


Manheim Township Police Department  Attention:

Lieutenant Michael Piacentino

1825 Municipal Drive

Lancaster, PA 17601


President - David Madrak

Vice President - Ryan Cywinski

Treasurer - Michael Piacentino

Secretary - David Kostiak

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