What is the cost of a PPAC membership?


  • Below is an excerpt from the PPAC Bylaws:




Section 1. Annual dues for Regular Membership in PPAC shall be One-Hundred Dollars ($100.00) if payed yearly.


Section 2. If the agency chooses to pay for a three (3) year cycle in a one lump sum, the total payment shall be Two Hundred ($200.00) dollars. The payments shall be broken down as follows:


  • Yr 1 – One-Hundred Dollars ($100.00)

  • Yr 2 – Fifty Dollars ($50.00)

  • Yr 3 – Fifty Dollars ($50.00)


How frequently are PPAC meetings held?


  • PPAC meeting are held on an almost monthly basis.


Where are PPAC meetings held?


  • PPAC meetings are held at agencies who volunteer to host them; these agencies are located in all regions of the Commonwealth.


May I attend a PPAC meeting virtually? 


  • Yes, PPAC meetings can be attended virtually. 


How do I attend a PPAC virtually?


  • Approximately one (1) week prior to a meeting an email is sent to PPAC members with the location of the meeting and the information that is needed to attend virtually.


Why are mock accreditation assessments important?


  • Mock accreditation assessments are important because they assist the agency with determining whether the composition of the files (i.e. policy and proofs of compliance) are compliant with the requirements set forth by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Commission in advance of your agency’s on-site accreditation assessment. 


How do I request a mock accreditation assessment?


  • Complete the Mock Accreditation Assessment request form.


Why is it important to become a mock assessor? 


  • It is important to become a mock assessor because of the knowledge you will gain from the process, the ability to network with other mock assessors and representatives from other law enforcement agencies, and the fact that you may learn of a process or technique that you may be able to implement at your own agency. 


How do I become a mock assessor?


  • Below is an excerpt from the PPAC Bylaws:


Mock Assessor Prerequisites:


  1. Must be from a PPAC member agency that is in good standing OR retired from a PPAC member agency that is in good standing OR was in good standing at the time said member left that agency. 


  1. Mock Assessors must have completed the Accreditation Manager Training.


  1. Mock Assessors, once they have completed the Accreditation Manager Training, must attend the update training once every two years. 


  1. Mock Assessor must represent the organization in a positive light through professionalism and integrity while providing a quality service.


As a mock assessor how many mock assessments should I complete a year?


  • A mock assessor is requested to complete one (1) mock assessment per year. This is typically considered “on-duty” time by most agencies; however your will be on-site at the agency you are mock assessing or if you are not required to go on-site, then while you are virtually assessing that agency via PowerDMS. 


Where can I learn more on how to use PowerDMS?



How do I access the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Associations Sample Assessment on Power DMS?


  • Contact the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association in order to receive the necessary credentials.