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Statement of Purpose

PPAC recognizes and supports the concept of Law Enforcement Accreditation as a means to enhance the quality of law enforcement services within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To this end, PPAC will provide a network that will encourage communication, cooperation, and sharing of resources by member agencies.

What others are saying...

“The Pennsylvania Police Accreditation Coalition has been instrumental in preparing agencies
for the on-site inspections as part of the PLEAC accreditation process. Many of the mock
assessors serve as accreditation assessors and know what to concentrate effort on during the
mock assessment. Their reviews and “second-set of eyes” can help find policy and proof issues
that can be resolved prior to the PLEAC Assessors arrival. Having been involved with the
PLEAC Program for over 10 years, mock assessors have help me prepare more efficiently for the
on-site review. Being prepared lowers the anxiety of the accreditation process and provides the
opportunity for me to focus on fewer issues during the on-site assessment. As an assessor, it is
often obvious to me when doing an on-site assessment if the agency has completed a mock
assessment prior to my arrival. In the PLEAC Accreditation program it is an advisable practice to
utilize this tool to increase the opportunity for success.”

Jason Hendershot, Chief of Police, Clarion University

"I strongly encourage any agency that is considering accreditation to join the PaPAC. This has
proven an invaluable tool to assist with the accreditation process, as it invites a group of like-
minded people to work through policy development, proofs of compliance, and the assessment
process.  Considering the economical membership fee, this is the best bang for your accreditation

Anthony E. Cortazzo, Chief of Police, Baldwin Borough Police Department


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Membership Dues

Membership Types:

Regular Membership - Open to all law enforcement agencies and their designated members/representatives. A Regular Membership application must be signed by the agency's Chief Executive Officer.

Associate Membership - Open to members of governmental, educational, private, or other agencies whose functions affect or are affected by law enforcement agencies or the accreditation process. Such an agency or individual must show a history of active involvement in the PPAC and the accreditation process. Associate Membership applications are subject to the approval of the Executive Board upon receipt of a completed Associate Membership application and dues.

Special Membership - Open to retired members of law enforcement agencies who have provided PPAC with their expertise and support. There are no dues for Special Membership.

Associate Membership  ($25.00)

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New Member Agency Fee ($25.00)

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One Year Cycle ($100.00)

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Three Year Cycle ($200.00)

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****Effective 02/07/2022, all payments for membership dues must be paid via credit card. If a member agency wishes to pay via check, please contact Lt. Michael Piacentino (Treasurer) for further instructions.****

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